Matt is a magical glue that keeps all parts of the company together. His personality and love are invaluable. His competency and nuanced diplomacy are vital. He’s the warm, bright nougat of our office culture.
— anonymous 2017 year-end review


Born and raised in small-town Kansas, I flung myself to Philadelphia for college, and finally stuck the landing in NYC.

In 2016, after nearly 12 years in the Big Apple, my partner and I moved west and are being quickly Californian’ized: bring on the yoga, small-batch breweries, and extemporaneous costume parties.

I’ve got 15+ years of Product Management experience building software for consumer products. My incredible coworkers seem to have very nice things to say about me.

“Matt is highly competent and has a unique ability to understand and be able to speak the language of business needs, technology, and design — more than most product managers I’ve worked with.

Matt has a hands-on and personable approach. He does the hard work of communicating directly with each person on the team individually rather than conducting many meetings and stand-ups.

Yet it’s apparent that he trusts us to be great at our respective roles and to complete our work accurately and on time.

I think Matt makes us all better at what we do.”

— anonymous 2017 year-end review